MCSC Awarded DWD Fast Forward Grant to Train 100 for Living-Wage Jobs

Milwaukee Community Service Corps. (MCSC) is pleased to announce it has been awarded a Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Fast Forward Grant to provide employment training and job placement for 100 unemployed and under-employed workers over the next two years.

According to Executive Director, Mike Consiglio, “the Wisconsin Fast Forward grant enables MCSC to help 100 trainees (in 10 cohorts) gain industry-recognized credentials, build work experience, gain living wage employment, and improve economic mobility.  This Program is unique, because it takes a holistic approach to employment training by integrating job skills education and credentialing, hands-on worksite training, workplace soft skills training, financial capability education, assistance in overcoming barriers, and placement in employment.”

In the accelerated 7-week Program, trainees complete job skill training to earn credentials in OSHA 10, Forklift, Wisconsin Lead Renovator, Home Builders Institute’s – Pre-apprenticeship Certification Training for Construction, and CPR/AED. These skills and credentials are relevant not only for jobs in Construction, but also for jobs in Warehouse/Distribution, Building Rehab/Maintenance, Environmental Services, Landscaping, and Manufacturing.

Another important facet of the Program is that trainees get to participate in paid, hands-on worksite training at a variety of worksites. This gives them opportunities to practice newly learned skills, explore various career options, and gain work experience to build their resumes.

During the course of the Program, trainees work with a Success Coach/Employment Specialist, who will help them identify and take action to resolve barriers to employment. Upon completion of training, the Success Coach will help trainees gain living-wage employment.

In addition to job skills training, trainees also receive 12 hours of Workplace Soft Skills training in: Communication/Cultural Competency, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, and Adaptability/Resilience – all skills highly valued by employers.

Through a partnership with Educators Credit Union, trainees will also learn how to make the most of their increased incomes and improve economic mobility through 8 hours of Personal Financial Management education covering: New Job Financial Decision Making, Budgeting, Credit, and Finances for Reentering Ex-offenders.

Educators Credit Union will provide Credit and Budgeting education, connect trainees to financial capability resources, and offer a 1-on-1 Credit Report Review Session.

If you, or someone you know is interested in participating in the Program, please call MCSC at 262.372.9040. The first training Cohort begins September 14.   To learn more, see the Program flyer.

For more information on Wisconsin Fast Forward Grants, see Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development –      @WIWorkforce