Milwaukee Community Service Corps

What works best is work itself...

The Milwaukee Community Service Corps (MCSC) is a non-profit vocational training organization providing employment, education and life skills training to young adults in Milwaukee.

Put simply, the Corps educates, employs and empowers Milwaukee's young people.

The Corps recognizes the potential of every young person to be a positive, contributing member of the Milwaukee community. By channelling this potential into educational, job-training, and environmental conservation experiences, we boost their morale, academic performance and provide a benefit to the local community.


The Milwaukee Community Service Corps educational programs reach at-risk youth and hard-to employ teens by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in life.

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Job Training

Corps programs allow young adults to gain valuable career experience through hands-on employment training.

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Environment and Community

The Corps engages young adults in projects that improve the Milwaukee community and conserve the environment that range from cleaning up our beaches to rehabilitating houses.