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Michael Consiglio

  /  Michael Consiglio
Michael Consiglio

Michael Consiglio

Executive Director

email: mconsiglio@mcscwi.org

I am the Executive Director for MCSC. I started working for MCSC in 2010 as a Supervisor and Instructor. Then from there, I got promoted to Work Project Manager in 2011, 2013 promoted to Associate Director; August of 2016 was named Interim Executive Director and now named Executive Director. I am certified to be an instructor on OSHA 10, OSHA 30, PACT and forklift. I also have the WI Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification. Through my years at MCSC I have always pushed for more opportunities for our Corps members and trainees. I believe that by providing opportunities to them will result in hope for their future. I always tell them to make us proud when they leave us. They usually respond with, “I got your back.”

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